Black Ball Projects
Black Ball Projects
374 Bedford Ave. OPEN SATURDAYS & SUNDAYS : 12-6pm & by appointment:

We are now organized as a 501(c)3
not-for-profit organization

Please email to learn more about giving.

Vision Statement:
Our goal is to support artists and scholars in all forms that will help move their practices forward.
Our definition of artists and scholars will be broad and inclusive.
This will happen through the continued operation of Black Ball Projects as a gallery, the creation of a micro-granting program; as well as starting local community educational and outreach programs.
Diversity of all kinds—gender, racial, and economic—will be at the core of the Black Ball Projects organization.

Mission Statement
Our mission is to financially and experientially support artists and scholars.
We believe in this day and age that these two broad intellectual groups serve a deep benefit to society at large and need to be supported by the private community—as the government cuts back on funding of all intellectual endeavors.

We commit fully to diversity in gender, race and economic background.
We are also committed to the idea that becoming an artist or scholar requires many years of development. Bearing this in mind we will gear our granting programs to those who have been working within their field—with or without commercial success—for a minimum of 10 years.

The Black Ball Projects gallery space will continue its ongoing mission to give voice to visual artists who have been under recognized, through solo shows and group exhibitions; pairing them with more established artists to create a larger platform for all types of artistic disciplines and allowing for the current power structure within the art world to shift its currently narrow scope.

The micro-granting program will be the first step in the expansion of the Black Ball Projects organization’s larger goals. Nominated artists and scholars will receive individual grants. The initial grants will be used to help these individuals pay for things such as: childcare; supplemental income to cover studio and/or costs of living; and special emerging artist/scholar grant for those who have been under-recognized in their fields and are over the age of 35. We will begin this endeavor through a nomination process and expand to an open call model as we grow and such infrastructure becomes feasible.

As our organization develops we will expand the granting program—both financially and in the scope of need—which will allow us to assist artists/scholars with additional resources to pursue their work by funding other necessary things such as: purchasing artmaking supplies; assisting with student loan forgiveness; emergency grant and healthcare grants; residency costs; educational course-work required for their field; and seed money for arts programs in underserved communities.

An Educational and Community Outreach Program will be instituted as part of the organization’s growth to help integrate local communities of students and adults with the community of artists and scholars.

Our definition of artist or scholar consists of, but is not limited to, those in the fields of: Visual Artists, Critics, Curators, Writers, Poets, Journalists, Theorists, Musicians, Composers, Performers, Dancers, Choreographers, Filmmakers, Screenwriters, Playwrights, New Media and Digital Artists, Documentarians, Scientists, and other Academic Researchers and Scholars in various fields that do not typically have ways of supporting themselves in a commercial, profit-driven system.

Additional programs such as residencies and secondary gallery locations will be added as it becomes financially feasible. These, as well as any other plans that allow our core mission of support for artists and scholars will be created as we grow and as the Executive and Board of Directors see fit.