Black Ball Projects
Black Ball Projects
374 Bedford Ave. OPEN SATURDAYS & SUNDAYS : 12-6pm & by appointment:


Black Ball Projects is a space founded by artists for artists.

We are thrilled to announce that Black Ball Projects is now organized as a not-for-profit corporation.  We are in the process of applying for 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status.

This will allow the Gallery’s current mission to expand into the multiple areas of need in the Arts and Scholarship communities. Alongside exhibitions at the gallery we are looking to create micro-grants; establish residencies; fund exhibitions; create catalogs and books; work with other artist run spaces around the world— and anything else that the community of artists, writers and scholars feel need to be done to change the greater Arts world into a better place.

The space itself is a nod to a former New York—when hyper-gentrification was still in its infancy and money didn’t define what artists could be shown or what could be done. We are located on the 1st floor down a long corridor of a small loft(law) building filled with working artists on the Southside of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NYC.

Art, in all its forms, now more than ever, is important.
It is important in ways that cannot be described but must been seen and felt.
We must support one another, as artists, visual philosophers, intellectuals and thinkers.
This is what Black Ball Projects is all about.

We are dedicated to giving public exposure to overlooked and under-represented artists. We curate group and solo exhibitions as well as performances with “emerging” artists (regardless of age), but with an emphasis on those who have long-standing studio practices. We present art and artists which deserve attention (but are in need of exhibition opportunities and institutional support in New York) and contribute to the visual and conceptual dialogue within the greater art world. We also work with artists that have established careers, curating these artists into group shows or creating pairings that allow for explorations their traditional practices might not have allowed for. We are interested in adding to the conversations at stake in the art world by offering opportunities for those that have voices within the current contemporary discourse and those who have yet to be invited to speak within it. As we look to the future we are excited about expanding this notion of opportunity to include visiting curators, writers and scholars; allowing their thoughts, ideas and voices to be explored.

Black Ball Projects was co-founded in October of 2015 by artists Ana Wolovick, Harriet Salmon and Jason Tomme. Brian Wondergem co-Curated/Directed the space from June 2017-2018. As we are now a Not-for-Profit Organization Wolovick serves as Black Ball Project’s Executive Director.

Since our founding in 2015 Black Ball Projects has produced over 26 exhibitions, created a catalog for our 2 Post-Trump shows: Poster/Pre, produced PartA-PartB a limited-edition box-set of reproductions from 33 emerging and established artists and writers.

We have been selected as part of the New York Times Spring Gallery Guide for 2 years running (2017-2018) and have been reviewed in The New Yorker, The Village Voice, Vice’s Creator’s Project, as well as being selected by multiple sources as Editor’s Picks and Pick’s of the Week.

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Hours of Operation

Open Saturdays & Sundays 12-6pm
and always by appointment - contact us at: 

Our location is
374 Bedford Ave., 1st floor
Brooklyn, NYC
USA, 11249

Over the past several years Black Ball Projects has been delighted to work with the following artists:

^Solo or Duo Exhibition, ^^Small Group Show, *Annual 12x12 Group Show

^^Taylor Absher, ^^China Adams, ^^Maria Agureeva, *Jordan Albaugh, ^^Abdolreza Aminlari, *Joe Arnold, ^^Amelia Bauer, *Michael Bauer, ^Colby Bird, *Ellen Birkenblit, ^^Palma Blank, *Ben Bloomstein, ^^Sean Bluechel, *Chris Bogia, ^Matt Borruso, ^^Benjamin Brett, *Kadar Brock, *Scott Calhoun, ^^Bibi Calderaro, ^Camel Collective, ^^Gregory Carideo, *Alex Casso, *Matthew Connors, *Mary Corman, *Danilo Correale, ^^Tania Cross, *Anita Cruz-Eberhard, ^Damien Davis, *Pia Dehne , *Jen DeNike, ^^Alejandro Diaz, *Noah Dillon, ^^Hannah Rose Dumes, *Samantha Fretwell, *Alexa Forosty, ^^James Foster, *Trevor Foster, ^^Adam Fowler, *Maureen Gallace, ^Linda Gallagher, *Jeff Gibson, *Chandra Glick, *Ignacio González-Lang, ^^Eric Graham, *Rashawn Griffin, *Frank Haines, ^Tamar Halpern, *Juliana Halpert, *Shadi Harouni, ^^Karolyn Hatton, ^^Adam Helms, *David Howe, ^^Scott Hug, *Leah James, *Tamara Johnson, *Rose Kallal, *Miatta Kawinzi, *Tricia Keightley, ^Becky Kinder, *Eleanor King, *Hein Koh, *Sue Kovach, *Elissa Levy, *Nicola López, ^Matt Lusk, ^^Chason Matthams, ^^Robbie McDonald, *Ted McGrath, *Patrick Meagher, *Adrian Meraz, ^^Andrea Merkx, ^SE Nash, ^^Alisa Ochoa, ^^Eamon Ore-Giron, *Rachel Owens, *Nori Pao, *Laura Parnes, ^Ted Partin, ^^Kristine Potter, ^John Pugh, *Matt Quinn, ^Eileen Quinlan, *Mariah Robertson, ^^Zach Rockhill, *Halsey Rodman, *Hanneline Rogeberg, *Andrew Rogers, *Peter Rostofsky, *Tyler Rowland, *Will Ryman, ^Harriet Salmon, ^^Juan Sánchez, *Dakotah Savage, *David Scanavino, *Kristen Schiele, *Aurel Schmidt , ^^Mark Schubert, ^^Mono Schwarz-Kogelnik, ^^Lauren Seiden, ^^Iva Simčić, *Kato Six, *Mara Sprafkin, ^^Alfred Steiner, ^^Parsley Steinweiss, *Michael Stickrod, *Kianja Strobert, *Billy Sullivan, *Christina Tenaglia, *Tracy Thomason, *Tica Tran, ^^Sarah Trigg, *Tracy Dillon Timmins, *Eve K. Tremblay, *Elif Uras, *Michael Vahrenwald, *Jack Warren, *Max Warsh, ^^Shoshanna Weinberger, ^Ana Wolovick, ^^Brian Wondergem