In Lieu Of

works by

Matthew Lusk

September 29 - November 11, 2018

Closing Event
Sunday November 11, 7-9pm

Featuring a new performance
by Dirty Churches

Local avant-odd duo Rachel Blackwell and Jesse Gelaznik have again called to order the Dirty Churches. Congregants will experience a unique piece of music scored by Gelaznik, performed by his micro-orchestral ensemble, and accompanied by a costumed visitation by Blackwell. The Churches' spatial interruptions can best be described as serene hauntings, disguised by blessings. Service will begin at 7pm, and celebrations will continue on afterwards until 9pm, when we will repair to the East River Bar. All are welcome. 


Twin sidewalk flower stands have been brought indoors. They house erratic vignettes inside funereal encaustic veneers. Mischievous youngsters have tossed Oscar Mayer slices upon the roof of a garden shed; a trellis has been broken from climbing. It lays on its side still ultimately useful. Holes abound and apparent emptiness prevails: bulletproof panels are riddled to pegboard perfection and the last of the beers have been hung up to dry. A ceiling fan droops like a shirt on a line.

Tires saved from a moist mosquito hell are propped up as wreaths, a gravedigger’s shovel and cane are given a silver tongue treatment; this is ultimately a salvage operation. Despair not. It may be too late for rescue, but not for recovery. The title here was willfully misheard.

“In love.”

Across the room, old enameled panels from a building façade are back-lit with a 24-carat glow. They resemble fallen towers put right-side up in memoriam. Nearby, a stack of brick marks the grave of an empire returning to entropy. A florist’s shop this is not, there is nary a petal in sight. In lieu of flowers, send regards.

Matthew Lusk (b. Detroit, 1972) lives and works in Brooklyn and Newburgh, NY. He received an MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2000.

Paired performances are scheduled for 4pm on every Saturday of the exhibition. This series is directed by Evan Rehill, with the generous permission from of our friends at Picasso Machinery.


PDF of Exhibition download here

Performances Schedule: Saturdays at 4pm
Sat. Oct. 6: Blue Iris with The Starlight Wanderers

Sat. Oct. 13: Kristen Dombek with T Kira Madden
Sat. Oct. 20: Sam Lore with Mallory Galarza
Sat. Oct. 27: Jules Bakshi with Andrew Fox
Sat. Nov. 3:
No Event - cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances
Sat. Nov. 10: No Event