Leaving the american sektor


works by Ana Wolovick

June 19 - September 11, 2018

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Press Release:

With each day more bizarre than the previous; how can one attempt to make sense of who, where and what we are now?

Daily—we experience the conflation of truth and fiction. Facts warp into phantasmagoria. We are living in an altered state. The works in Leaving the American Sektor attempt to address this newspeak—messing with our sense of “which images/which texts belong together.” Wolovick constructs amalgams, hybrid worlds that offer an inverted map of disquieted comprehension. Her abstract documentaries comment back on each other in sardonic, sometimes humorous ways. We see ourselves, we don’t. We work together, we are isolated. These oxymorons inform these lush, irreverent composites. Like a fun-house mirror, Wolovick’s works force us to look at ourselves: elongated, distorted, stretched across each other in unseemly, almost impossible ways. What is site? What is “country?” What is belonging? These questions plague Wolovick’s work, her practice—it is this tension that drives the exhibition.

Leaving the American Sektor is a visual analog to contemporary political noise. It suggests a way out, as it points us back inward; it suggests a way forward, as it spirals us back into the vertigo of history.

Ana Wolovick (b. 1973 New York City) lives and works in Brooklyn, N.Y. She earned a BFA from the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA, and her MFA in Painting from Yale University, where she was a Jacob K. Javits Fellow. Wolovick was an artist-in-residence at Altos de Chavon in the Dominican Republic (2002) and most recently with Culture-Vultures in Sefrou, Morocco (2017). She was a member of the inaugural Walking Seminar with Beta Local, San Juan, Puerto Rico (2013), and a participant in the SOMA Summer Program in Mexico City (2015). Wolovick curated and produced “PartA-PartB,” a handmade limited edition box-set with 33 established and under-represented artists and writers. She is devoting the remainder of the year to her studio practice, running Black Ball Projects and volunteering for the DCCC.